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Our students often present with social or learning differences, but they are also curious, engaged and bright, determined to put their natural skills and abilities to practical use. At STEM3 Academy, we understand their particular challenges and provide supports that minimize their impact, but also ground their skills to develop them further, enhancing their abilities and providing pathways to success. Our classes both challenge and engage, stimulating long-standing interests and also sparking new ones.

Statistically, 85% of individuals on the autism spectrum are unemployed. And even when they graduate high school or even college, they often flounder in the workplace. But students on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum often have superior visual discrimination, superior pattern recognition, the ability to have a narrow but deep focus, and the ability to engage in a repetitious activity for extended periods of time. Coincidentally, those are some of the very same skills that are prized in STEM-related disciplines. This has led us as a school to offer a variety of hands-on STEM-related classes, to develop their natural abilities further, and to support their entry to and success in college and career by focusing on their strengths.