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Our classes have no more than 14 students. Learning is experiential and assignments are geared to hands-on real-world problem solving in both academic and elective areas.

STEM3 Academy is a partnership with parents, the community and local business to create an environment that serves our students well and embodies the best interests of all stakeholders.

The school collaborates in applying best practices in the education, guidance and development of its classes and the training of its teachers.


Hallmarks of the program include:

  • Internships—All juniors and seniors intern in an area of interest to further develop their career interests and build their resume.
  • Digital portfolios—Starting freshman year, all students develop a digital portfolio of their work during high school, which might include engineering projects, coding projects, robotics competitions, PowerPoints, music clips, video, and other artifacts that demonstrate their abilities
  • Senior project—All seniors prepare a culminating transdisciplinary honors project which requires them to apply their knowledge in some area of interest in a practical or experiential way. Students present their projects at the school’s annual Spring STEM faire.The purpose and outcome of the project should have social relevance
  • Personalized Learning—Through the IEP process, each student has a set of goals designed especially for them and their unique learning style. Our program focuses on the development of the whole student by using the student’s strengths as a base and creating strategies to augment the challenging areas to ensure success
  • Robotics—Our award winning robotics team exemplifies the commitment to hands-on experiential learning and solving real world problems typical of the school
  • Innovation Lab—State of the art STEM facilities
  • University affiliation
  • Science and other competitive events